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14 Mar 2016

New auto machinery boost profit to ceramic manufacturer

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(Report from Liling News)Foreword: When Labor costs are no longer the dividend of labor-intensive enterprise, and the advantage of natural gas price is continuously diluted, In the situation of the appreciation of the RMB, these series of problems bring enormous shock waves for the Liling ceramic industry. It is a question what how to expand the living space for our enterprise. With a deep thinking on this problem, three entrepreneurs with social responsibility and mission to come together, they hope to through independent research and development of numerical control equipment to help enterprises enhance spot degree of automation, so as to expand the development space of enterprises

Recently, The director of Liling united ceramic product co.,ltd put him heart at rest. He holding the hand of chief engineer Mr.Fulong Jiang of Hnan Slon Equipment Co.,LTD. and said, ‘Thank you to solved this big problem’. United ceramic have a business to produce big saucepan recently. This product size is very large and the surface is very rough, when enter grinding and polish process, it requiring much time and effort while easily injured the workers’ hand at the same time, most of female worker are not willing to do. By chance, The director of united ceramic knew Slon can made customized automatic ceramic machinery. He ordered one automatic grinding and polishing machine for a try. As result, it is solved the problem that trouble the enterprise for a long time. The director introduced that: one machine can save 3-4 worker, and the qualification rate of product rise 10% , Only this, united ceramic can save cost about USD 15,000 every year.

Benefited from Slon automatic equipment not only just united ceramic. In Liling, the first benefited company is Huanyu Ceramic. This company continues ordered several automatic cutting machine and automatic grinding machine from Slon since last year.  The director of Huanyu ceramic introduced:“We can easily save cost more than USD 200,000 per year since used the automatic machines, and we will keep update the traditional machinery to automatic one to expand development space of company”.

AS we learned, at present, nearly hundred ceramic and insulator manufacturer use Slon machinery. At the same time, more and more automatic ceramic machine like auto jiggering machine, auto porcelain plate grinding machine, auto glazing machine for cup and dish have been developed and manufactured by Slon to further improve ceramic product quality, and save labor cost.


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