Auto Iron Remover

Uses and Features

Full-automatic high-strength electromagnetic iron remover adopts multi-layer grid electromagnetic coil winding method, which has low energy consumption, low temperature rise, and high insulation level; the iron absorption medium is made of soft magnetic materials with high permeability and low remanence. It has the characteristics of uniform magnetic field distribution, high gradient difference, and stronger iron absorption capacity; adopts double-pressure cleaning method to completely solve the world problem of unclean and incomplete iron removal; brake valve is made of imported materials, no leakage, low wear and tear. Low air consumption, low maintenance cost of the valve of the whole machine; The whole machine adopts microcomputer control and fully automatic operation, which can automatically complete the iron removal and cleaning work, improve work efficiency, reduce the loss of equipment and raw materials, reduce labor intensity of workers, and ensure work quality.

Main Technical Parameters

Auto Iron remover technical parameters