December 26, 2016

Leaders of the Municipal Bureau visited our company

On the afternoon of December 22, 2016, Zhang Guowei, secretary of the Liling Municipal Party Committee, and his entourage visited our company. City leaders Xie Songmin, Qi Wenhua, Zhang Wenhui and Guo Wei, responsible comrades of the Municipal Industry and Information Bureau, Development and Reform Commission, Science and Technology Bureau, Financial Bureau, and party workers in the High-tech Zone Party Secretary Li Haichao and Director of the Management Committee Wang Zhiyong accompanied the investigation, and the company’s deputy general manager Liu Lingyun accompanied him throughout the process.Secretary Zhang and his entourage first came to the company’s exhibition hall. Deputy General Manager Liu Lingyun gave a detailed report on the company’s main business, development history, corporate soft power, and corporate culture.

Subsequently, accompanied by the deputy general manager Liu Lingyun, the leaders visited the company’s exhibition hall and production workshop respectively, and got a detailed understanding of the company’s product technology.
During the visit, Zhang Guowei, secretary of the municipal party committee, pointed to the automatic glazing device and asked very professionally: “Can yours be adjusted at any time?” Mr. Liu nodded and said: “The interpretation of the product by Secretary Zhang is very correct. Speed ​​control to adjust the glazing time can ensure the full consistency of product quality.

Before the end of the inspection, Secretary Zhang Guowei specifically confessed to the accompanying staff: “SLON company is a high-growth company. You must understand their needs and difficulties, and clear the obstacles for their development.”

With the high support of city leaders, SLON company will continue to enhance the overall strength of the company, improve its position in the industry, and make greater contributions to the promotion of regional economic development!

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