Automatic glazing line (Cup&bowl)

Uses and Features

Automatic glazing line for cup and bowl  is suitable for automatic glazing of ceramic cups and bowls. The equipment can be used for single-color glaze products as well as double-color tableware products. This equipment can ensure accurate and consistent glaze dipping time, consistent glaze thickness, neat glaze edge of the cup, large output, labor saving, and suitable for glazing of a variety of products.

Glazing line consist of:

① Green cup loading line L=2M

② Inner glazing trolley

③ Inner glazing device

④ Cup mouth clean device

⑤ Cup turn over device

⑥ Drying Line L=10M

⑦ outer glazing device

⑧ Cup bottom clean machine

⑨ Glazed cup unloading line L=4M

⑩ Outer glazing device

Main Technical Parameters

Auto-glazing-line-for-cup-and-bowl technical parameters